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Temporada 7 The Cosby Show - 1984

The seventh season of The Cosby Show aired on NBC from September 20, 1990 to May 2, 1991.

Escrito por:
  • Ed. Weinberger
  • Michael J. Leeson
  • John Markus
themoviedb icon 7.0/10
  • Fecha de estreno: 1984-09-20
  • Visualizaciones: 4286
  • Idioma: En
  • Duración: 30

Lista de capítulos The Cosby Show Temporada 7

  • Same Time Next Year

    The Cosby Show 7x01 - Same Time Next Year

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-09-20

    Denise takes classes locally at Medgar Evers College, while Vanessa enrolls at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. Rudy starts sixth grade. Olivia starts preschool. In a scene prior to the opening credits, Olivia enters Cliffs bedroom wearing a Bart Simpson mask. It is a nod to FOXs decision to move The Simpsons to Thursdays at 8:00 pm Eastern/Pacific, presenting The Cosby Show with its first true ratings challenge.

  • Bird in the Hand

    The Cosby Show 7x02 - Bird in the Hand

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-09-27

    Cliff tries to win a classic jazz record at an auction, while filling in for Denise as volunteer parent at Olivias preschool. Sullivan Walker as Dr. James Harmon.

  • The Last Barbecue

    The Cosby Show 7x03 - The Last Barbecue

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-10-04

    The Huxtable family erupts in a battle of the sexes after Theo suggests having a stripper at Martins post-wedding bachelor party.

  • Period of Adjustment

    The Cosby Show 7x04 - Period of Adjustment

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-10-11

    Clairs teenage second cousin moves in with the family. Erika Alexander joins the cast as Pam. First appearances of Karen Malina White as Charmaine, Allen Payne as Lance, and Mushond Lee as Slide.

  • It's All in the Game

    The Cosby Show 7x05 - It's All in the Game

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-10-18

    After Vanessa gets into a minor car accident and tries to cover it up, Cliff and Clair complain about the various small disasters the children have caused them, and the children fight back by complaining about ways Cliff and Clair have embarrassed them.

  • Getting the Story

    The Cosby Show 7x06 - Getting the Story

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-10-25

    Rudy and Kenny do a video project.

  • Just Thinking About It  (1)

    The Cosby Show 7x07 - Just Thinking About It (1)

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-11-01

    Under pressure from her boyfriend to become sexually active, Pam considers using birth control. Karen Malina White as Charmaine. Allen Payne as Lance. Mushond Lee as Slide.

  • Just Thinking About It  (2)

    The Cosby Show 7x08 - Just Thinking About It (2)

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-11-01

    Pam and Slide argue over whether they should become sexually active.

  • The Infantry Has Landed (And They've Fallen Off the Roof)

    The Cosby Show 7x09 - The Infantry Has Landed (And They've Fallen Off the Roof)

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-11-08

    Rudy gets her first period. Clair plans Womens day where she goes out alone with Rudy and answers any questions she has, but Rudy refuses to talk. Keith Diamond as Danny.

  • You Can Go Home Again

    The Cosby Show 7x10 - You Can Go Home Again

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-11-15

    Seeking privacy, Denise and Martin escoge to look for their own apartment.

  • It's a Boy

    The Cosby Show 7x11 - It's a Boy

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-11-29

    The husband of one of Cliffs patients worries that he will be a poor father because he has no athletic ability. After Pam breaks up with Slide, she and the class brain are attracted to each other.

  • Clair's Liberation

    The Cosby Show 7x12 - Clair's Liberation

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-12-06

    Clair enters menopause. She takes the news fine, but the kids treat her as if shes losing her mind.

  • It's Your Move

    The Cosby Show 7x13 - It's Your Move

    Fecha de estreno: 1990-12-13

    Elvin and Sondra help friends move during a football game.

  • Theo's Final Final

    The Cosby Show 7x14 - Theo's Final Final

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-01-03

    Theo will make the deans list if he gets an A on his final, but a beautiful exchange student planning to leave in 1-day for Barbados distracts him. Vanessa A. Williams appears (now portraying Cheryl).

  • Attack of the Killer B's

    The Cosby Show 7x15 - Attack of the Killer B's

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-01-10

    Pams grades have improved, but she worries that she will not be able to afford college. Karen Malina White as Charmaine. Allen Payne as Lance. Mushond Lee as Slide.

  • Total Control

    The Cosby Show 7x16 - Total Control

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-01-31

    Cliffs patient and her husband are convinced that they are prepared for every scenario ... and then tarea begins.

  • Adventures in Babysitting

    The Cosby Show 7x17 - Adventures in Babysitting

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-02-07

    Rudy begs Martin to let her babysit Olivia. Cliff and Dr. Harmon enter a pinochle tournament as partners . . . and so do their wives.

  • 27 and Still Cooking

    The Cosby Show 7x18 - 27 and Still Cooking

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-02-14

    To celebrate his 27th wedding anniversary with Clair, Cliff recreates the Callaloo Pot, a Caribbean lugar de comidas where the couple dined on their honeymoon.

  • No More Mr. Nice Guy

    The Cosby Show 7x20 - No More Mr. Nice Guy

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-02-28

    Theos friend Denny thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him.

  • Home Remedies

    The Cosby Show 7x21 - Home Remedies

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-03-07

    When Olivia comes down with a cold, everyone (except Cliff) has a different home remedy to offer as a cure. Russell and Anna celebrate another wedding anniversary. Cliff, Rudy and Olivia perform Koko Taylors Im A Woman.

  • Nightmare on Stigwood Avenue

    The Cosby Show 7x22 - Nightmare on Stigwood Avenue

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-03-21

    Rudy has a nightmare about Olivia always getting her way.

  • There's Still No Joy in Mudville

    The Cosby Show 7x23 - There's Still No Joy in Mudville

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-04-04

    Cliff goes bowling with his friends.

  • Cliff and Jake

    The Cosby Show 7x24 - Cliff and Jake

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-04-11

    Clair tries to prevent Cliff from buying a new appliance from his friend Jake (Lost episode from Season 6). Guest appearances by Red Buttons and E. G. Marshall. Last appearance of Lisa Bonet as Denise.

  • Theo and the Kids  (1)

    The Cosby Show 7x25 - Theo and the Kids (1)

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-04-25

    Theo, who is majoring in pediatric psychology, begins an internship as a junior counselor at the community center; he soon suspects that one of the children there is dyslexic. First appearances of Merlin Santana as Stanley and Eugene Byrd as Eugene.

  • Theo and the Kids  (2)

    The Cosby Show 7x26 - Theo and the Kids (2)

    Fecha de estreno: 1991-05-02

    Theo continues his attempts to help Stanley and the other children at the community center.