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Temporada 3 Miami Vice - 1984

Corrupci n en Miami es una serie de y también n lado producida por Michael Mann para la NBC. La serie se caracteriz por su novedosa integraci n de m sica y efectos visuales para contar la historia. Miami Vice estaba protagonizada por Don Johnson y Philip Michael Thomas, interpretaban un detectives dos del Departamento de Polic del Condado de la ciudad de Miami-Dade, trabajaban enmascarados en Miami. La serie se emiti la at de temporadas durante 5 NBC, desde 1984 hasta 1989. USA Network comenz a emitir reposiciones a o bien siguiente, en 1990, y emiti un episodio en dito durante la redifusi n de la serie hasta el fin de las mismas, el veinticinco de enero de 1990.

Escrito por:
  • Anthony Yerkovich
themoviedb icon 7.2/10
  • Fecha de estreno: 1984-09-16
  • Visualizaciones: 3844
  • Idioma: En
  • Duración: 60

Lista de capítulos Miami Vice Temporada 3

  • When Irish Eyes are Crying

    Miami Vice 3x01 - When Irish Eyes are Crying

    Fecha de estreno: 1986-09-26

    Gina falls for an Irish pacifist who believes there is no point fighting fire with fire anymore - or so she thinks.

  • Stone's War

    Miami Vice 3x02 - Stone's War

    Fecha de estreno: 1986-10-03

    Crocketts Vietnam journalist buddy, Furia Stone, is back--claiming to have footage of a secret U.S war in Nicaragua; the trail leads Stone, Crockett & Tubbs to Maynard a.k.a. the elusive Captain Real Estate.

  • Killshot

    Miami Vice 3x03 - Killshot

    Fecha de estreno: 1986-10-10

    Crockett and Tubbs are fingered as cops by a Customs agent whos being blackmailed by the drug kingpin the detectives are trying to nail.

  • Walk Alone

    Miami Vice 3x04 - Walk Alone

    Fecha de estreno: 1986-10-17

    Tubbs poses as a con to expose prison guards who are extorting drugs from inmates, and killing those who refuse.

  • The Good Collar

    Miami Vice 3x05 - The Good Collar

    Fecha de estreno: 1986-10-24

    A star high school athlete, arrested for delivering heroin, agrees to help Crockett trap a 15-year-old drug lord; it turns ugly.

  • Shadow in the Dark

    Miami Vice 3x06 - Shadow in the Dark

    Fecha de estreno: 1986-10-31

    Crockett tries to nail a psychotic murderer by thinking like his quarry, despite the fact that another cop using that tactic wound up in a psych ward.

  • El Viejo

    Miami Vice 3x07 - El Viejo

    Fecha de estreno: 1986-11-07

    Crockett & Tubbs keep tabs on a crusty old stranger who plans to cut a deal with a murderous Bolivian drug dealer.

  • Better Living Through Chemistry

    Miami Vice 3x08 - Better Living Through Chemistry

    Fecha de estreno: 1986-11-14

    Tubbs former partner frames him when he abducts a chemist for some drug dealers.

  • Baby Blues

    Miami Vice 3x09 - Baby Blues

    Fecha de estreno: 1986-11-21

    Unexpected contraband--babies and a stowaway mother seeking the child taken from her--puts the cops on the trail of an adoption ring.

  • Street Wise

    Miami Vice 3x10 - Street Wise

    Fecha de estreno: 1986-12-05

    An undercover cop and his hooker lover help the detectives find the source of some pharmaceutical grade cocaine.

  • Forgive Us Our Debts

    Miami Vice 3x11 - Forgive Us Our Debts

    Fecha de estreno: 1986-12-12

    New leads persuade Crockett that a man he put on death row might be innocent, but a campaign-conscious DA is reluctant to help.

  • Down for the Count (1)

    Miami Vice 3x12 - Down for the Count (1)

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-01-09

    Zito reluctantly utilices a boxer as bait to help the vice squad nail a former drug kingpin involved in bookmaking; it ends in tragedy and the loss of a comrade for the vice cops.

  • Down for the Count (2)

    Miami Vice 3x13 - Down for the Count (2)

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-01-16

    Switek is outraged by Internal Affairs findings; Crockett and Tubbs televisión gambit may prove mortal when a mobster reclaims the action lost to Guzman.

  • Cuba Libre

    Miami Vice 3x14 - Cuba Libre

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-01-23

    Crockett & Tubbs stumble onto a plot by fanatical Cuban commandos to assassinate an important Cuban diplomat.

  • Duty and Honor (a.k.a. The Savage)

    Miami Vice 3x15 - Duty and Honor (a.k.a. The Savage)

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-02-06

    Castillo is not the only one to realize that a series of prostitute murders matches the M.O. of killings in Vietnam in the early 70s; the cops get help on the case from a man claiming to be a Vietnamese inspector.

  • Theresa

    Miami Vice 3x16 - Theresa

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-02-13

    Crocketts romantic entanglement with a heroin-addicted doctor jeopardizes his case against a dealer.

  • The Afternoon Plane

    Miami Vice 3x17 - The Afternoon Plane

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-02-20

    Tubbs finds out that his raffle prize --- a week in the Caribbean --- is equipo up by a vengeful con and the Calderones to lure him out of his jurisdiction.

  • Lend Me an Ear

    Miami Vice 3x18 - Lend Me an Ear

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-02-27

    The electronics whiz providing Crockett & Tubbs with surveillance devices also outfits their drug-dealing quarry.

  • Red Tape

    Miami Vice 3x19 - Red Tape

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-03-13

    Tubbs searches desperately for the source of information leaks about future busts.

  • Knock, Knock, Who's There?

    Miami Vice 3x21 - Knock, Knock, Who's There?

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-03-27

    Crockett & Tubbs probe drug busts ruined by phony federal agents who disappear with the evidence.

  • Viking Bikers from Hell

    Miami Vice 3x22 - Viking Bikers from Hell

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-04-03

    A motorcycle gang seeks to avenge a drug-dealing comrades death by killing off his former customers.

  • Everybody's in Show Biz

    Miami Vice 3x23 - Everybody's in Show Biz

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-05-01

    An actor/writer is in danger when he steals a drug dealers briefcase and the escencial information it contains.

  • Heroes of the Revolution

    Miami Vice 3x24 - Heroes of the Revolution

    Fecha de estreno: 1987-05-08

    An East German spy seeks to avenge the murder of Ginas mother in Cuba 26 years earlier, and utilices her to lure the killer out.