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Temporada 7 That '70s Show - 1998

The seventh season of That 70s Show, an American television series, began September 8, 2004, and ended on May 18, 2005. It aired on Fox. The region 1 DVD was released on October 16, 2007. This season is equipo entirely in 1979. This is the last season to feature Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher as regulars. Grace leaves the show at the end of the season to star in Spider-Man 3, and Kutcher to star in The Guardian. However, Kutcher appears five times in the next season as a Special Guest Star, and Grace makes an uncredited cameo in the series finale. Note: All episodes are named after songs by The Rolling Stones.

Escrito por:
  • Terry Turner
  • Bonnie Turner
  • Mark Brazill
themoviedb icon 7.1/10
  • Fecha de estreno: 1998-08-23
  • Visualizaciones: 10066
  • Idioma: En
  • Duración: 30

Lista de capítulos That '70s Show Temporada 7

  • Time Is on My Side

    That '70s Show 7x01 - Time Is on My Side

    Fecha de estreno: 2004-09-08

    A week after Eric and Donnas engagement was called off, they are both on good terms, but have to make big decisions regarding their futures. Donna gets a new look, and Eric decides to take a year off, but to do that he needs to sell Donnas engagement ring to get some money. Theres only one problem with his plan: Donna threw it off the water tower. Also, Bob is torn between Pam and Midge, and Red puts pressure on him (only because Kitty pressured Red) to choose between them. However, one of them takes the decision out of Bobs hands.

  • Let's Spend the Night Together

    That '70s Show 7x02 - Let's Spend the Night Together

    Fecha de estreno: 2004-09-15

    The Formans invite Hydes biological father over so that Hyde can finally meet him, and everyone is shocked to discover that hes black. Kelso waits for news from Brooke about her advancing tarea, while Fez tries to deal with losing Kelso to a baby. Eric and Donna go to a feminist rally in the park.

  • (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

    That '70s Show 7x03 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

    Fecha de estreno: 2004-09-22

    Reds job hunt is going nowhere and he begins to wonder when he will find a job. With a year off to do whatever he wants, Eric makes a list of things to do, one of which includes graffiting a closed muffler shop as part of his new bad boy image. But unbeknownst to Eric, Red has found his new job... in the building Eric just graffitied! Kelso has issues with women; now that hes a father to a baby girl, he has a new respect for women that gets him nowhere. And Hyde is pressured by Jackie and Kitty to call his father.

  • Beast of Burden

    That '70s Show 7x04 - Beast of Burden

    Fecha de estreno: 2004-09-29

    Reds new muffler shop is about to open and he asks Hyde to work for him. This really offends Eric since the shop is called Forman & Son and Red didnt even think to ask him. But Hyde has his own dilemma when his dad offers him a job at his record company. Fez is also on a job hunt after quitting the DMV, so Donna helps him apply for work as a shampoo boy.

  • It's Only Rock and Roll

    That '70s Show 7x05 - It's Only Rock and Roll

    Fecha de estreno: 2004-10-06

    Hyde starts working at his dads record company only to learn his job is not as cool as he thought it would be. Kitty, feeling unneeded, unnecessary and unloved, takes up Tai Chi with Donna and Midge. Seeing an ad in the paper for aspiring artists, Eric tries out for the Cartoon Academy of Fort Lauderdale. And Kelso decides to donate his entire Playboy collection to Fez.

  • Rip This Joint

    That '70s Show 7x06 - Rip This Joint

    Fecha de estreno: 2004-11-03

    Kitty throws a party in honor of herself to boost her self esteem, but Bob feels that Midge is spending too much time with Wiliam Barnett and they have a fight, causing Midge to lock herself in the bathroom. Eric decides to moon and trench Old Man Shinskys beautiful yard. Kelso, because Eric didnt make him First Lieutenant, takes his revenge on Eric, but that backfires on them both. And Hyde succumbs to the corporate life, which Jackie finds very hot.

  • Mother's Little Helper

    That '70s Show 7x07 - Mother's Little Helper

    Fecha de estreno: 2004-11-10

    When a hot girl tells Fez she wants to date him, he is delighted. He later finds out the girl was supposed to date Kelso, but blew him off. After Kelso begs, Fez agrees to help him regain his lost mojo. Donna and Jackie learn that play-fighting is an art. And Kitty tries to get Red to be more adventurous in their sex life.

  • Angie

    That '70s Show 7x08 - Angie

    Fecha de estreno: 2004-11-17

    Things are going well for Hyde at work, until he meets his new sister, Angie, and finds that shes not as nice as she seems. She attempts to get Hyde fired, causing him to use his biggest weapon against her; Jackie. Eric tells the gang that hes studying Spanish, but Kitty lets it slip to Fez what Eric really does on Wednesday nights, and Fez just cant keep the secret to himself.

  • You Can't Always Get What You Want

    That '70s Show 7x09 - You Can't Always Get What You Want

    Fecha de estreno: 2004-11-24

    Its Thanksgiving, and while Kitty prepares for the feast, Eric is making plans of his own, and they dont include dinner at home. He wants to go to a Styx concert; the rest of the gang is busy helping Hyde and Angie get ready for the opening of the record store.

  • Surprise, Surprise

    That '70s Show 7x10 - Surprise, Surprise

    Fecha de estreno: 2004-12-01

    Hyde joins the disgruntled group of guys that can say Kelso Slept With My Sister, much to his displeasure. Donna plugs a calender on the air for Reds muffler shop until she discovers it is full of scantily clad babes on hotrods. Kitty once again tries to teach Jackie how to bake, with disastrous results.

  • Winter

    That '70s Show 7x11 - Winter

    Fecha de estreno: 2004-12-15

    Kelso gives the toys from the Toy Drive to the gang, leaving Kitty with no toys for the kids at the Ladies of Point Place Christmas Party. Jackie is upset that Hyde wont go to the party with her, making her think that hes not as mature as she thought he was. The guys have to come up with a way to get the toys to the party without the kids seeing them being brought in, and Red distracts everyone with an unusual Christmas story.

  • Don't Lie To Me

    That '70s Show 7x12 - Don't Lie To Me

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-01-05

    Jackies doubts of a future with Hyde come to the breaking point, and she decides to go along with a misunderstanding and pretend to be Donna, engaged to Fez, whom she calls Prince Edwardo. She drags Fez to parties, enjoying the pre-marriage life, until she is caught in the act. Meanwhile, Hyde is bothered by Angies relationship with Kelso, so Eric steps in to help split them up.

  • Can't You Hear Me Knocking

    That '70s Show 7x13 - Can't You Hear Me Knocking

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-01-12

    Rojo permite a regañadientes coger pesca en hielo Kitty, que no resulta para ser tan malo como esperaba. Kelso de manera accidental hace una amenaza en el Presidente, que los chicos a ser paranoico sobre todo el planeta que se reúnen en un intento de esconderse del gobierno. Donna toma a Jackie a una lección de karate que otorga resultados inesperados.

  • Street Fighting Man

    That '70s Show 7x14 - Street Fighting Man

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-02-09

    Cuando Donna consigue 6 boletos para el juego de los Packers, Eric convence a la banda para ofrecer uno de ellos a su padre. Hyde da llevar a cabo un interruptor de trozo de billete con Fez y Kelso y Kelso ni Fez verdaderamente obtiene el criterio. En el juego, Jackie intenta hecho Hyde miserable y un éxtasis rojo es verdaderamente satisfactorio de Eric - hasta que Eric adquisición una remera de los Chicago Bears. Kitty y Bob mira la espalda Junta juego casera.

  • It's All over Now

    That '70s Show 7x15 - It's All over Now

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-02-16

    Theres un interesante nuevo pasante, Sarah candentes, en la estación de radio que tiene los chicos volviendo loco. Sarah manipula el Gerente de la estación en Donna de tiro utilizando el feminismo Donnas contra ella. Pobre gatito tiene gripe y vas a perder la reunión Tom Jones en Hyde y Angies grabación tienda, por lo cual ella provoca que el rojo va en su lugar para conseguir su autógrafo. Y Jackie busca asesoramiento de Fez en comentar de sus reales sentimientos a Hyde.

  • On with the Show

    That '70s Show 7x16 - On with the Show

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-02-23

    Jackie, que es todavía smarting de su separación con Hyde, va a ordenar su propio programa de televisión pública. Sospecha de Hyde que Fez conoce lo que Jackie se encontraba intentando de decirle a la tienda de discos. Eric conoce a un chico de 36 años de edad cuya vida patética le ordena a reevaluar su propia vida sin rumbo. Angie tiene adversidades para abarcar cómo quemar a alguien.

  • Down the Road Apiece

    That '70s Show 7x17 - Down the Road Apiece

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-03-02

    Eric escoge dejar la localidad para llevar a cabo un documental sobre su historia en la carretera. Su coche se estropea y encuentra con Leo. Los dos van a una parada de camiones para hallar algo para comer. Kitty, rojo, Donna y Kelso se dispuso a encontrarlo cuando Eric no llama a casa. Hasta entonces, Fez habla con Jackie y Hyde sobre su relación.

  • Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')

    That '70s Show 7x18 - Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-03-09

    When Brooke leaves Betsy in Kelsos care, hes ecstatic. His happiness soon ends when he notices that Betsy cries every time he holds her. Leos offers to help Kelso with the baby only causes him more grief. Meanwhile, Kitty shows signs of jealousy when Hyde stays with Jackie throughout a car show while Red goes off and forgets about her.

  • Who's Been Sleeping Here?

    That '70s Show 7x19 - Who's Been Sleeping Here?

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-03-23

    Donna and Eric are in disbelief when Kelso chooses Jackie and Hyde over them to be Betsys godparents. On the other hand, Hyde and Angie believe theres someone breaking into the store, so Angie places a camera to see who it is. After viewing the tape, they discover its Fez crashing there at night because his host parents kicked him out since he already graduated. Kitty gives Fez and Kelso the iniciativa to move in together since Kelsos house isnt safe for Betsy and Red wont allow them to stay when she visits.

  • Gimme Shelter

    That '70s Show 7x20 - Gimme Shelter

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-03-30

    When Eric realizes he is the only loser with no future in the group, he goes looking for a job, only to find he isnt very good at many things. Kelso and Fez look for an apartment for the two to live together in, and Jackie arranges a dinner party to celebrate her high school graduation.

  • 2120 So. Michigan Ave.

    That '70s Show 7x21 - 2120 So. Michigan Ave.

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-04-27

    In preparation for pursuing a teaching career, Eric receives his high school transcripts and discovers that he received an incomplete in gym class. He enrolls in a summer gym course and learns that his new P.E. teacher is none other than Casey Kelso! Kelso and Fez move into their new apartment and compete over who gets the master bedroom. While they do this, Red exacts his revenge for the messes they’ve created at his house over the years.

  • 2000 Light Years from Home

    That '70s Show 7x22 - 2000 Light Years from Home

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-05-04

    Kelso considers what to do about his relationship with Angie, and comes to the conclusion that its time to break up, but hes not sure how to do that. He seeks some advice from Jackie on the matter, but ultimately, the decision is taken out of his hands. Eric is shocked to discover that his college tuition fund is gone, and has to find another way to raise the money. His solution is one that Kitty, Red and Donna have differing opinions on.

  • Take It or Leave It

    That '70s Show 7x23 - Take It or Leave It

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-05-11

    Jackie is offered her dream job, but unfortunately, its in Chicago. She wants to know what her future is with Hyde, but hes unwilling to answer. Kitty and Donna are both still reeling over Erics new job, and both try, in their own ways, to get him to change his mind. The son of one of Reds buddies from the Marines arrives in Point Place, and the guys take a liking to him when they find out what his dad does now.

  • Short and Curlies

    That '70s Show 7x24 - Short and Curlies

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-05-18

    As Eric prepares to go to Africa, Kitty is still having problems dealing with his departure. Donna is also having problems; she cant come up with an appropriate going away gift, but some advice from Kitty puts her on the right track. Charlie accidentally sees Kitty naked, and his attempts at apologizing only make things worse. Jackie is still in Point Place after telling everyone she was leaving for Chicago; her attempts to give Hyde one last ~last~ oportunidad dont quite go the way she hopes they would.

  • Till the Next Goodbye

    That '70s Show 7x25 - Till the Next Goodbye

    Fecha de estreno: 2005-05-18

    Kelso drops Jackie off in Chicago, but she is immediately homesick and reaches out to the gang for companionship. Eric finds out at the last minute that Kitty deliberately hid a letter outlining the vaccination shots he’s required to have before going to Africa for the year. He has his final Circle with the guys only to finally be busted by Red! As Eric says his good-byes to everyone, Hyde talks to Leo about his true feelings for Jackie and decides to follow her to Chicago…with disastrous results.