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Temporada 5 That '70s Show - 1998

The fifth season of That 70s Show, an American television series, began September 17, 2002, and ended on May 14, 2003. It aired on Fox. The region 1 DVD was released on October 17, 2006. This season is equipo entirely in the year 1978. Note: All episodes are named after songs by Led Zeppelin.

Escrito por:
  • Terry Turner
  • Bonnie Turner
  • Mark Brazill
themoviedb icon 7.1/10
  • Fecha de estreno: 1998-08-23
  • Visualizaciones: 10106
  • Idioma: En
  • Duración: 30

Lista de capítulos That '70s Show Temporada 5

  • Going to California

    That '70s Show 5x01 - Going to California

    Fecha de estreno: 2002-09-17

    Donna has had enough of the Golden State. She misses Eric, who, although she doesnt know it, is headed West - despite his parents objections - to declare his love and bring her home. Kelso, however, has decided he has found the woman of his dreams in Annette, who is beautiful and believes in him. Back in Wisconsin, Jackie is a changed woman, thanks to a change in boyfriends.

  • I Can't Quit You Baby

    That '70s Show 5x02 - I Can't Quit You Baby

    Fecha de estreno: 2002-09-24

    As punishment for Donna going away to California, Bob transfers her to a Catholic School, which means that Donna wont get to see Eric as much. Eric is determined to fight for their right to be together, until he sees Donna in her new school uniform. Jackie and Hyde get caught making out in the basement; Eric and Donna try to convince them to tell Kelso whats going on.

  • What Is and What Should Never Be

    That '70s Show 5x03 - What Is and What Should Never Be

    Fecha de estreno: 2002-10-29

    Kitty joyfully announces that shes pregnant, but the reaction that she gets from Red leaves a lot to be desired. Eric and Donna continue their campaign to get Jackie and Hyde to tell the truth about their relationship to Kelso. A trip to the DMV seems to present the perfect opportunity, but Fez is the one who seizes the day rather than Hyde.

  • Heartbreaker

    That '70s Show 5x04 - Heartbreaker

    Fecha de estreno: 2002-10-29

    Kittys parents arrive from Arizona, after being told that Kitty has some wonderful news to share with them. Kittys news isnt what she thought it would be, and throws a damper on the high spirits. Donna learns a thing or two from Bea about getting people to do things, while Eric and Red learn a thing or two from the World Book about lady problems. Kelso works out his feelings about Jackie and Hydes relationship.

  • Ramble On

    That '70s Show 5x05 - Ramble On

    Fecha de estreno: 2002-11-12

    In a romantic moment, Donna presents Eric with a ring, much like the promise ring that he gave her, and caused their break up. For Donna, the ring symbolizes their enduring love and committment; for Eric, it symbolizes ugliness. To protect Donnas feelings, he decides not to say anything, but the secret gains a life of its own. Kitty is determined not to let menopause affect her life, but has a hard time living up to her committment.

  • Over the Hills and Far Away

    That '70s Show 5x06 - Over the Hills and Far Away

    Fecha de estreno: 2002-11-19

    The kids prepare to make a weekend college visit to the University of Wisconsin. Theres only one snag in the plan: Donna tells Eric that Bob will not let her go to UW. Instead he wants her to visit Marquette, a small Catholic college. So Donna and Jackie visit Marquette, where Jackie spends her time worrying about Hyde; the guys go to UW with Red and a very irritable Kitty.

  • Hot Dog

    That '70s Show 5x07 - Hot Dog

    Fecha de estreno: 2002-11-26

    When Eric decides to buy Donna a meaningful gift, he ends up getting her an engagement ring. But after discussing it with the guys, he realizes they are too young and the ring was a bad iniciativa. Unfortunately, Eric already told Donna he got her a surprise and on their special evening out, hes put on the spot and forced to make the biggest decision of his life. Meanwhile, in an attempt to lift menopausal Kittys spirits, Red gets her a dog: Schotzy.

  • Thank You

    That '70s Show 5x08 - Thank You

    Fecha de estreno: 2002-12-03

    Eric hides the fact that hes failing math from Red because he wants to prove that hes starting to get serious about his future. Red is so impressed by his sons apparent maturity that he bumps Laurie from the adults table at Thanksgiving and gives her seat to Eric. This makes Eric think that the time may finally be right to announce to his engagement to Donna. However, the woman that Kelso brings as his date to the Formans dinner complicates this decision.

  • Black Dog

    That '70s Show 5x09 - Black Dog

    Fecha de estreno: 2002-12-10

    When Jackies father is arrested for bribery, Kelso thinks shell come running back to him. But when Hyde and Kelso get into a brawl over Jackie, Kelso accidentally shoots Hyde with a BB gun and all hell breaks lose. Donna and Eric argue over how Hyde should deal with Jackies pain. Meanwhile, Fez realizes he has a crush on his boss at the DMV.

  • The Crunge

    That '70s Show 5x10 - The Crunge

    Fecha de estreno: 2002-12-17

    The S.A.T. scores have come in and everyone does significantly better than Eric. Hes particularly upset by Donnas high score and blames her for distracting him during the exam. As a result, Eric enlists Red to help him buckle down and stay away from Donna until he retakes the test. Meanwhile, Kelso discovers that he may have a bright future and Jackie pushes Hyde towards a college career.

  • The Girl I Love

    That '70s Show 5x11 - The Girl I Love

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-01-07

    When Fez decides to introduce his new girlfriend, Nina, to the gang, Kitty offers to throw a dinner party for the event. The guys resent being dragged to a dinner party, while the girls are excited at the thought of a grown-up night.

  • Misty Mountain Hop

    That '70s Show 5x12 - Misty Mountain Hop

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-01-22

    Jackie recruits the Formans to help clean out her familys mountain cabin, but decides it best not to ask for Hydes assistance, instead telling him she is attending a doll expo. With Jackie going away, Hyde seizes the opportunity to use Jackies cabin and invites Kelso and Fez. Donna and Eric get lost on the way to the cabin and spend the trip fighting. Hydes plan goes wrong when Kelso gets his hand, holding his stash, stuck in a vase just as Jackie and the Formans arrive.

  • Your Time Is Gonna Come

    That '70s Show 5x13 - Your Time Is Gonna Come

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-01-29

    Annette, Kelsos girlfriend from California, comes to Point Place to visit him. The entire gang is shocked to learn how closely her personality resembles Jackies, while Jackie tries to conceal her jealousy from Hyde. Meanwhile, Kittys parents show up unexpectedly and announce that theyll be moving in for a while. This unpleasant situation gets far worse when Eric finds his grandfather collapsed in the driveway.

  • Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

    That '70s Show 5x14 - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-02-05

    Hydes depressed that Jackie still seems to have feelings for Michael. Annettes not happy either, because Kelso seems to still be attached to Jackie. And Kitty takes to her bed, because she feels her mother doesnt love her.

  • When the Levee Breaks

    That '70s Show 5x15 - When the Levee Breaks

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-02-12

    When Bob goes out of town, Eric and Donna escoge to practice being married at her house. The gang is excited because they think this is a oportunidad to party all weekend at the Pinciottis place, until Eric and Donna are forced to equipo them straight. Meanwhile, Kitty goes to the jewelers to pick up a ring she thinks Red got her as a surprise. But she discovers the real surprise: its actually an engagement ring for Donna.

  • Whole Lotta Love

    That '70s Show 5x16 - Whole Lotta Love

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-02-19

    Red is angry that Donna and Eric are engaged, so he gives Eric the silent treatment, leaving it up to Donna to try to talk to him. Fez finally does it with Nina; hes happy that he finally did it, but afterwards, things arent so great. Kelso gives Jackie a birthday present, but insists that hes not trying to do anything; Hyde didnt even know it was her birthday.

  • The Battle of Evermore

    That '70s Show 5x17 - The Battle of Evermore

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-02-26

    Things are still bad between Red and Eric, so Kitty signs them up for the Point Place Paul Bunyan Pioneer Days Jamboree. The estranged men must work together in order to beat Charlie and Mitch, an obnoxious father/son team who have won the past two years. Meanwhile, Hyde doesnt understand why Leo hasnt called him back to work in a while. He takes the gang to the Foto Hut only to find the place has been completely cleaned out.

  • Hey, Hey What Can I Do

    That '70s Show 5x18 - Hey, Hey What Can I Do

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-03-12

    Everyone has their own reasons for going to the job fair. Eric needs a full-time job now that Red refuses to pay for college. The Photo Hut is closed, so Hydes looking for work too. Fez wants to make out with Nina at the DMV booth while Hot Donna will be signing autographs at the radio stations booth. And after failing to flirt his way out of a parking ticket, Kelso fears that his good looks will fade and that hell need a practical job like other uggos.

  • Bring It on Home

    That '70s Show 5x19 - Bring It on Home

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-03-26

    The Formans discover that Jackie has been sleeping in Hydes room since neither of her parents are home. The best solution that everyone can come up with is for Jackie to move in with Bob and Donna, but unforunately Jackie doesnt appreciate everyones pity. Meanwhile, Red gives Eric a hard time when he finds out that his son sleeps nude. And Fez has dinner at Ninas house, where he learns that her parents dont want her dating her third world friend.

  • No Quarter

    That '70s Show 5x20 - No Quarter

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-04-02

    The Pinciottis learn very quickly that living with Jackie is going to be difficult. Kelso swipes Jackies panties to taunt Hyde, who has his revenge when Kelso gets a job at the hotel kitchen where Hyde works. Eric receives notice that he must return Donnas engagement ring if he cant make a payment by Friday. His visits to the jewelry store reveal that theres bad blood between Fez and Fenton, the jewelry guy.

  • Trampled Under Foot

    That '70s Show 5x21 - Trampled Under Foot

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-04-09

    Nina breaks up with Fez, although he doesnt realize it until the gang sets him straight. It turns out that Nina thinks Fez is too needy. As for the others, they escoge to rejuvenate their dull lives by finding another friend to hang out with. Kitty has one candidate in mind, but she has an ulterior motive.

  • You Shook Me

    That '70s Show 5x22 - You Shook Me

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-04-16

    Hyde turns down a hot nurse out of faithfulness to Jackie, then demands that Jackie not hang out alone with Kelso any more. The recent nurse convention at the hotel inspires Fez to have an erotic dream about a nurse…who turns out to be Kelso! Naturally, Kelso freaks out, and he turns to his ex for comfort. Meanwhile, Eric accepts a job at the dog food factory where Joanne works in order to earn enough money to marry Donna.

  • Nobody's Fault But Mine

    That '70s Show 5x23 - Nobody's Fault But Mine

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-04-23

    Hyde cheats on Jackie because he thinks she still loves Kelso. After realizing his mistake, he apologizes to her but she breaks up with him. Red and Kitty dare Eric and Donna to get married by graduation in order to pressure them into calling off their engagement. Their plan works, but a little better than they expected. Fez refuses to give Mitch Miller his drivers license, so Mitch digs up dirt on him and Kelso. Laurie moves back home, determined to make up for her past wrongs.

  • Immigrant Song

    That '70s Show 5x24 - Immigrant Song

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-05-07

    The Formans are horrified when they realize that Red has gone fishing - he only does that when hes really angry. When he finally returns, Red has his final say on Eric and Donnas decision to move. Meanwhile, Kelso, Hyde, and Fez escoge to paint obscene pictures on the water tower as their senior prank. Hyde and Kelsos arguing over Jackie lands Kelso in the hospital, leaving Fez to face the police alone and Jackie to face her feelings about who she wants to be with.

  • Celebration Day

    That '70s Show 5x25 - Celebration Day

    Fecha de estreno: 2003-05-14

    The gang will be split in half when high school graduation is over: Eric and Donna are all equipo to move into their Madison apartment, while poor Fez is about to be deported. The love triangle amongst the others grows more heated as Hyde and Kelso compete over an indecisive Jackie. But this tense situation is put aside so that the six friends can go camping together the night before graduation. Laurie tags along and dramatically changes Fezs life. Back at the Forman house, Red gives Kitty medication to help her deal with her depression over Erics imminent departure.