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Temporada 3 That '70s Show - 1998

The third season of That 70s Show, an American television series, began October 3, 2000, and ended on May 22, 2001. It aired on Fox. The region 1 DVD was released on November 15, 2005. This season is equipo between 1977 and 1978.

Escrito por:
  • Terry Turner
  • Bonnie Turner
  • Mark Brazill
themoviedb icon 7.1/10
  • Fecha de estreno: 1998-08-23
  • Visualizaciones: 10066
  • Idioma: En
  • Duración: 30

Lista de capítulos That '70s Show Temporada 3

  • Reefer Madness

    That '70s Show 3x01 - Reefer Madness

    Fecha de estreno: 2000-10-03

    The third season of That 70s Show, an American television series, began October 3, 2000, and ended on May 22, 2001. It aired on Fox. The region 1 DVD was released on November 15, 2005. This season is equipo between 1977 and 1978

  • Red Sees Red

    That '70s Show 3x02 - Red Sees Red

    Fecha de estreno: 2000-10-10

    As punishment for being dope-heads, Red gives Eric and Hyde a curfew. Laurie is all for it until she discovers that it applies to her too. Red booby-traps the house so that hell know if there are any escape attempts, and keeps increasing the discipline, despite Kittys pleas for leniency. Jackie is still trying to convince Hyde that shes the woman for him, but hes not buying it.

  • Hyde's Father

    That '70s Show 3x03 - Hyde's Father

    Fecha de estreno: 2000-10-17

    The guys get into a bar without showing their fake IDs only to learn that the bartender is none other than Hydes father, Bud. Kitty finds out about this and, against Hydes wishes and Reds advice, invites Bud over in an attempt to equipo things right between father and son. Meanwhile, Donna is disgusted when she finds out that Eric keeps dirty magazines under his bed. And Fez tries to woo Donna and Jackie using suggestions he reads in Playboy.

  • Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die

    That '70s Show 3x04 - Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die

    Fecha de estreno: 2000-10-31

    A Halloween episode filled with parodies of Alfred Hitchcock movies: Rear Window, Vertigo, The Birds, North By Northwest and Psycho.

  • Roller Disco

    That '70s Show 3x05 - Roller Disco

    Fecha de estreno: 2000-11-14

    Jackie has wonderful news: theres a roller disco competition in Kenosha and she wants Hyde to be her partner. When she finds that hes more than unwilling, shes left with a choice between Kelso and Fez, and after seeing their moves, she chooses Fez. This leaves Kelso less than happy, and more than a little jealous. Red, meanwhile, is being sued by an ex-Price Mart employee for wrongful termination, and has to prove to the Tarea Board that hes not unnecessarily angry.

  • Eric's Panties

    That '70s Show 3x06 - Eric's Panties

    Fecha de estreno: 2000-11-21

    Donna finds a pair of panties in the Vista Cruiser and thinks that Eric is cheating on her with his lab partner. Everyone is in for a big shock when they find out who the panties really belong to. Reds doctors appointment shows that he has high blood pressure, so Kitty puts him on a strict diet, which he finds inedible. Kelso gains a new nickname due to a mishap in the cafeteria.

  • Baby Fever

    That '70s Show 3x07 - Baby Fever

    Fecha de estreno: 2000-11-28

    Red is not happy when Kitty becomes obsessed with the iniciativa of having another baby after bringing a friends child home for Laurie to baby-sit. Laurie is completely at a loss on how to take care of a baby until her maternal instincts eventually kick in. Donna gets mad at Eric for thinking that shell stay home with the children when they have their own. And Hyde and Fez mediate a mock divorce settlement between Jackie and Kelso after Jackie crashes Kelsos van.

  • Jackie Bags Hyde

    That '70s Show 3x08 - Jackie Bags Hyde

    Fecha de estreno: 2000-12-12

    Its Veterans Day and the Formans are getting ready for their annual barbeque after the town parade. Trouble is that Bob, who was only in the National Guard and never saw any action, has inexplicably decided to throw his own barbeque in competition with the Formans. Hyde tells Jackie point blank that hes not interested, inspiring her to bring a date to the Formans to make him jealous. This ploy causes Hyde to come to a horrifying realization about his true feelings for Jackie.

  • Hyde's Christmas Rager

    That '70s Show 3x09 - Hyde's Christmas Rager

    Fecha de estreno: 2000-12-19

    Living with Bud has some definite benefits; Hyde finds this out when hes having his first Christmas party at Buds place, and Bud leaves the guys alone with a keg of beer. Eric suffers the consequences of being bad at quarters, and has to be carried home, where Red and Kitty escoge that Bud needs a talking to about proper parenting practices. Meanwhile, Jackie is desperate for a boyfriend, and drags Donna out to a bar where they meet some interesting firemen.

  • Ice Shack

    That '70s Show 3x10 - Ice Shack

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-01-09

    Kelsos new master plan to get Jackie back is to copy all the lovey-dovey things that Eric does for Donna. To carry out this plan, he tricks the three of them into going to his uncles ice shack for the weekend. But his plan hits a major snag when Fez tags along and does everything in his power to make Kelso look bad. Back in Point Place, Kitty orders Red to talk to Laurie about her future, while Hyde – whos on probation – gets pulled over while driving Leo and his suspicious brown paper bag.

  • Who Wants It More

    That '70s Show 3x11 - Who Wants It More

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-01-10

    After an argument, Eric and Donna escoge to withhold sex to see wholl cave in first. Red is nearly killed by a falling tree and it changes his whole outlook on life. He starts being nice to people, even Fez, but he soon realizes that thats not who he is. Kelso claims to have seen a UFO.

  • Fez Gets a Girl

    That '70s Show 3x12 - Fez Gets a Girl

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-01-16

    Fez has a crush on a girl but is too shy to approach her, so Donna sets them up together. Donna wins two tickets to see Led Zeppelin in concert but Eric cant go because he has to work so she gives one to Fez and the other to Caroline, the girl that Fez has a crush on, because Kelso, Hyde and Jackie keep fighting over who shes going to take. Eric is named Price Mart employee of the month and it goes to his head. Laurie utilices Kitty as a hair model and Kitty doesnt like the job she did but wont tell her because Laurie wants to quit already after only two weeks in beauty school.

  • Dine & Dash

    That '70s Show 3x13 - Dine & Dash

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-01-30

    Kelso invites the gang to an expensive dinner but skips on the bill, leaving Eric and Donna in the lugar de comidas with no money. The two of them escoge to shed their square personalities and get back at the gang. Bob is upset that Red didnt offer him a job at Price Mart.

  • Radio Daze

    That '70s Show 3x14 - Radio Daze

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-02-06

    Donna gets a job at a radio station and Eric gets jealous because on the air shes known as Hot Donna and supposedly single. Red gets Earl fired from Fatso Burger but Kitty makes him get Earl his job back. Leo wants to sell his car to Kelso but then changes his mind and gives it to Hyde.

  • Donna's Panties

    That '70s Show 3x15 - Donna's Panties

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-02-13

    Eric pulls Donnas pants down in public and reveals her granny panties to everyone. So he tries to make up by giving her hot panties on Valentines Day. When Kelso finds out that Laurie cheated on him he realizes how Jackie must have felt when he cheated on her with Laurie; to Jackies surprise he doesnt want her to feel sorry for him. Fez asks Caroline to go steady with him and only afterwards does he finds out that she has some strange ideas about romance.

  • Romantic Weekend

    That '70s Show 3x16 - Romantic Weekend

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-02-20

    Eric finds a brochure for a nice motel and plans a romantic weekend with Donna, whos glad for the oportunidad to get away from her feuding parents. Both lie about their whereabouts to their parents. But the lie blows up in their faces when they learn who their neighbors are at the motel. Meanwhile, Kelso thinks that hes not a man any more because he cant perform with Pam Macy.

  • Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?!)

    That '70s Show 3x17 - Kitty's Birthday (That's Today?!)

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-02-27

    Its Kittys birthday and the only one who remembers is Hyde. To make up for forgetting, Eric and Red agree to do the most horrifying thing imaginable. Meanwhile, Kelso plans to win Jackie back by being her friend, but it doesnt work the way he thinks it would. And Hyde learns something disturbing about Caroline when he drives her home in his new car.

  • The Trials of M. Kelso

    That '70s Show 3x18 - The Trials of M. Kelso

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-03-13

    Jackie tests Kelso to see if she should get back together with him. Fez, Eric and Hyde vandalize an opposing schools locker room because Fez was beaten up by their jocks. Kitty is angry at Bob and Midge for not inviting her and Red to their party until she finds out that Bob and Midge are nudists.

  • Eric's Naughty No-No

    That '70s Show 3x19 - Eric's Naughty No-No

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-03-27

    Kittys sister visits and Kitty thinks shes only there to show off that shes more successful. After going to see an X-rated movie, Eric tries a new move on Donna but it freaks her out; Kelso learns that honesty is the best policy.

  • Holy Craps!

    That '70s Show 3x20 - Holy Craps!

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-04-17

    Kitty forces Red, Eric, Hyde and Kelso to help out at a church fundraiser. Red spends all of his time at the craps table, Kelso and Hyde cheat at bingo so they can win all the prizes. Eric is busy worrying about his relationship with Donna because a church member told him that his wife was nice too, when they first met, until they got tired of each other. Jackie and Donna tell Fez that Caroline is a psycho so he dumps her after she threatens him.

  • Fez Dates Donna

    That '70s Show 3x21 - Fez Dates Donna

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-05-01

    Fez and Donna pretend to date so Caroline will leave him alone, but she stalks him anyways, until Fez tells her he doesnt like her any more. Bob reads the deed to his house and discovers that he owns half of Reds garage but Red sets him straight by turning the deed around and proving him wrong. Eric and Hyde have a pool going on when Kelso and Jackie will fight.

  • Eric's Drunken Tattoo

    That '70s Show 3x22 - Eric's Drunken Tattoo

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-05-01

    After reading an entry in Donnas diary, Eric decides to get a tattoo, but things dont turn out the way he planned. Kitty has Pastor Dave over for dinner and he ends up in the hospital; Jackie tries to get Kelso to sleep so he can repeat something he said before when he was sleeping.

  • Canadian Road Trip

    That '70s Show 3x23 - Canadian Road Trip

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-05-08

    Eric, Hyde, Fez, Kelso and Leo go to Canada to get some beer. Unfortunately, they get stopped on their way back across the border because Fez lost his green card. Donna tries to convince Jackie that shes being scammed by a modeling agency. Red gets a plus at work: a Beta Max so he can tape something now and watch it later, but he forgets a escencial step in the process.

  • Backstage Pass

    That '70s Show 3x24 - Backstage Pass

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-05-15

    Eric gets upset at Donna when she goes backstage at a Ted Nugent concert and then forgets about him; Hyde and Fez get busted for selling counterfeit t-shirts; Kelso tries to be more romantic; and Red and Kitty cant remember how they first met.

  • The Promise Ring

    That '70s Show 3x25 - The Promise Ring

    Fecha de estreno: 2001-05-22

    Eric gives Donna a promise ring but things dont turn out the way that he planned; Jackie, seeing Donnas ring, demands that Michael gives her a promise ring too; Hyde and Fez go cruising for chicks.