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Temporada 1 Legit - 2013

Legit is about a comedian, Jim and his misguided attempts to become legitimate in life. He is encouraged in his quest by his best friend Steve, and Steves brother Billy.

Escrito por:
  • Jim Jefferies
  • Peter O'Fallon
metacritic icon 8.2/10
themoviedb icon 7.6/10
  • Fecha de estreno: 2013-01-17
  • Visualizaciones: 573
  • Idioma: En
  • Duración: 30

Lista de capítulos Legit Temporada 1

  • Pilot

    Legit 1x01 - Pilot

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-01-17

    Jim Jefferies, taking his first baby steps toward legitimacy and trying to do a good deed, treats his close friend Billy — suffering from advanced stage Muscular Dystrophy and confined to a wheelchair — to a debauchery filled road trip to a whorehouse in Las Vegas.

  • Dreams

    Legit 1x02 - Dreams

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-01-24

    Jim and Steve decide to break Billy out of his adult care facility to party for one more night but their plan goes awry when they are forced to take Billy’s mentally challenged roommate, Rodney, along for the ride.

  • Love

    Legit 1x03 - Love

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-01-31

    Jim and Steve create a fake online dating profile to help Billy meet girls; Steve goes to a bar and tests out Jims pick-up strategies on a co-worker.

  • Anger

    Legit 1x04 - Anger

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-02-07

    In an effort to do something nice for Steve, Jim invites him along to a gig in Omaha — but once they get on the plane Jim gets embroiled in a battle with another passenger about plane etiquette and a middle seat.

  • Justice

    Legit 1x05 - Justice

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-02-14

    Jim, Billy, and Steve are attacked in their home by two men who think they are drug dealers. The two men are put on trial as Steve, Jim, and Billy recall the events and testify against them.

  • Family

    Legit 1x06 - Family

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-02-21

    Jim is rejected from a youth-mentoring program. Later, Steve makes an unexpected discovery about his ex-wife.

  • Health

    Legit 1x07 - Health

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-02-28

    After missing out on a role because of his weight, Jim turns to his good friend Andy Dick for some career advice, acting lessons and physical training. Jim ends up ruining the trainer.

  • Hoarders

    Legit 1x08 - Hoarders

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-03-07

    While running an errand with Steve and Billy, Jim discovers Janice has become a hoarder, forcing her husband Walter to live outside. In a misguided intervention, Jim uncovers more family secrets.

  • Bag Lady

    Legit 1x09 - Bag Lady

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-03-14

    Jim’s house is swarmed by paparazzi after he beds a celebrity. To sneak her out of the house, he talks her into crawling into a suitcase and taking a ride in the trunk of his car.

  • Cuckoo's Nest

    Legit 1x10 - Cuckoo's Nest

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-03-21

    Jim goes to volunteer at Billy’s adult care facility but his attempt goes wrong when Rodney escapes and Jim pisses off disabled patients by hitting on an attractive nurse that they all love.

  • Hat Hair

    Legit 1x11 - Hat Hair

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-03-28

    Jim, Steve, Billy and Rodney go to a minor league baseball game. When Jim refuses to remove his hat for a patriotic anthem, a political melee ensues.

  • Misunderstood

    Legit 1x12 - Misunderstood

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-04-04

    An actress accuses Jim of attempted rape. Later, Steves wife and daughter move to Cincinnati.

  • Fatherhood

    Legit 1x13 - Fatherhood

    Fecha de estreno: 2013-04-11

    A prostitute claims to be pregnant with Billys baby in the first-season finale.